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About Us

We started our Latin America tours in the nineties before moving to Latin America in the early 2000’s. We started offering both tailor made and group travels sharing our extensive knowledge and guiding experience throughout Latin America from Cuba to Argentina. We have an expertise that is unchallenged!

About Us

Our many local contacts make all the difference when it comes to creating the special itineraries we provide and we are considered family by many of the people we work with, also encouraging outstanding local guides to start their own businesses as we once did.

The dream we have is to make many more once in a lifetime travel experiences for our clients and to inspire their lives.

Latinamerica Journeys Guru offers tailor made travel design, travel coaching and travel solutions for Latin America, for couples, honeymoon, families with children, business, groups, special projects & management of audio visual productions.

Latinamerica Journeys Guru Individual Travels

We have extensive travel & guiding expertise of 20 years in Latin America & worldwide, that we have put to use for designing individual & group programs that have the flexibility to be customized in all kind of ways.

In this way we are able to make come true your personal travel wishes.

And who would not be happy if someone can do that for you ?

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Three good reasons to book individual travel with Latiamerica Journeys Guru

1. We know the destinations we service by heart and can give you personal & direct travel advice.

We have worked and lived in Latin America for many years giving us an edge over travel companies that are not familiar with the destinations and possibilities of the programs they offer.

2. We are a small company offering highly personalized travel designs working together with you who can present your personalized travel program according to your individual wishes within a few days of making initial contact (by phone, whatsapp, Skype or email).

We offer a variety of travel designs with a personal tour guide (TC) servicing individuals, honeymooners, families with young children, couples, friends, groups, special projects, special events and more.  We also offer management for film locations, photo shoots and documentaries. 

3. We can offer efficient quotations on tailor made travel programs, usually within 2-5 working days for Cuba and within 1-2 weeks for all the rest of destinations.

We strive to offer personalized services giving direct priority to all the details required to fulfill your expressed travel wishes.  We do not work with pre-made travel and quotation plans as many larger companies and websites do.  All our services and travel programs are personalized.

We have partnered with reliable local travel agents who have proven their merits over a period of several years in most instances.

Type of Travels we can design & offer

1. We offer tailor made travel for couples, friends, families with children and honeymooners, from round travels, photo journeys, scuba diving, gap years, beach holidays, horseback rides, mountain climbing and adventure treks (see: tailor made travel)

2. Tailor made grouptravel for small groups and organizations in Latin America (see: tailor made travel)

3. Vivencial Group Travel - Traveling a different way throughout Latin America (see: special travels)

4. Personal Travel Guide Services & Travel Coaching in Latin America (see: Guide services and Projects)

We can design ideal travel programs that blend nature, adventure, comfort & culture

Latinamerica Journeys Guru programs are original and inspiring and nourish the heart and mind.

We offer programs in which you can enjoy inspiration and tranquility within nature. We also offer programs where you can meet people and share their way of life. These provide insightful moments in a new setting sharing a glance, a smile, dance, game or conversation. These unforgetable moments are potentially life altering experiences.

Through our travel programs you are not only able to enjoy experiences new places, people and cultures but are also able to broaden your perspective on life and your own role on the planet and the best thing it requires little from you. We take care of organizing everything be your travel program for a group or an individual.

When you travel, much of the success of your program is in your own hands ever  striving to enjoy all the opportunities available. To assist you in getting the most from your travel we are always happy to arrange a private guide to assist you for part or all of your journey.

Nine good reasons to travel with a Latinamerica Journeys Guru Group

1. By traveling with Latinamerica Journeys Guru you can connect with nature & find inspiration.

2. By traveling with us you will have the opportunity to meet local people & cultures in a respectful manner.

3. Our travel programs are original and have been tried and tested over a number of years in some instances.

4. By traveling with us you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

5. Our travel programs are designed to assist groups in having a harmonious experience taking advantage of the dynamics and creativity of the group.

6. Our travel programs are perfectly organized and designed by professionals with vast expertise in the nature & culture of Latin America.

7. All our travel programs are guided by friendly guides fluent in both Spanish and English.

8. All our guides enjoy life and are happy to share their optimistic & Latin American vision with you.

9. With your travel program booking you receive the full support of a small company offering highly personalized travel guidance who work with you to create your ideal travel program.  Our company offers guidance for your entire program as well as individualized coaching services.

Latinamerica Journeys Guru Vivencial Group  with an emphasis on Travel and Being

There is an art to discovering how to let go and better enjoy life. When we do so, the world changes.  Our perception of self, time and space are altered. Imagine integrating this experience with the fun of travel?  Vivencial Group Travels was created with this in mind. 

To enhance this process, your Latinamerica Journeys guide has several years of experience working with groups and individuals assisting with travel programs, tutoring on a variety of subjects, as well as coaching and facilitating personal growth workshops.

Your guide has extensive travel and guidance experience, speaks fluent both Spanish and English, an University degree as well as extensive experience with the healing arts. Your guide has lived for many years in Latin America and enjoys sharing the knowledge of Latin America’s nature, culture, and rich history.

We like to travel and enjoy all the while experiencing the great variety of Latin America. First and foremost we offer a playful way of traveling with a personal touch.

What is the vision of Latinamerica Journeys Guru?

We like to inspire people to search for their happiness & fullfillment. We feel content if we see that our travels - whether individual or group - add something to people’s lives, not only of that of our clients or guests, but as well that of all the people you meet. People who often do not have the same possibilities to travel as we have, but who we can give at least a good experience of sharing the best we can give. And we hope that in this way, we all contribute to a better world for all of us.

There are several people involved in the creation and realization of each Latinamerica Journeys program. 
They work with us in the background or accompany you during your travels. We work with local agents, hosts, local guides & bus drivers, with porters, gauchos, cooks and all kind of assistants, depending on the nature of the travel and the destination country. They will be part of the success of your travel as well. As long as we respect their values and traditions, they will respect ours.

We like to meet people and life with respect, and in this way leave good experiences behind to all the people we meet along the way. This creates a different ambiance and type of connection. This is something that is of great value for you on your travels, and which you will never find on a standard Latin American Group tour.

See: Trip Reviews and/or Contact us for References.

You can be part of a Global Network

Latinamerica Journeys Guru grouptravels are open for all nationalities. By meeting people from different countries, you may get in touch with new visions and be part of a network of creative and open-minded travelers.