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Types of Travel

Types of TravelFor individual and grouptravel arrangements in Latin America we invite you to contact us with your travel wishes, so that we can commit ourselves to realize the travel you always wanted to make with your partner, friends, family or your company.

Types of Travel

We have extensive guiding & travel experience throughout whole Latin America and work with specialised tailormade travel teams per country. We offer tailor made trips to Argentina, Antarctica, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile + Easter island, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador + Galapagos, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Venezuela.

We work together with reliable agencies, their teams & local guides.We know the people personally and have been working together already for many years.

Our extensive guiding experience & personal relationships can make the big difference for your holiday & your travel program in Latin America.

Individual arrangements can be custom made into Group travels and vica versa.

The procedure of designing a tailor made travel is as follows. We first ask you a few questions (or you send us your wishes directly) in order to arrive to a first draft of an itinerary together with you. This can be in the case that you prefer a completely customized travel or in case you just want to make only some small adjustments in a sample travel itinerary.

When we have found your ideal itinerary after a few proposals & travel designs, we make a quotation of the costs involved of your favorite travel.

The type of travels we can offer for most of our destinations are: Individual & Group travels, Photo Journeys & Travels for Documentaries, Scuba Diving, Roundtours with some diving, Beach holidays, Snorkel holidays, Honeymoons, Family holidays with small children, Family holidays with teens, Holidays for family travel parties, Friends Travels, Getaways, Roundtravels, Gap Year travels, Horseback rides as daytours, Horseback Journeys and Horseback Expeditions, Birdwatching Journeys, Travels with several daywalks, Mountain trekking and Mountaineering, Nature and Culture travels, Yoga Travels, Coaching Travels, Vision Quest and Meditation Travels.

In case you look for a specific travel type please Contact us for advice which destinations might work well for you.

For traveling with a Tourleader on an Escorted travel you have the opportunity to be personally guided by the director of Latinamerica Journeys Guru when booked on time. He is committed to guide 2 to 3 travels per year. These travels are published in our Newsletter and in each section of the Destination under the Tab More info.

" Having Marcel as our guide throughout the holiday made all the difference to our trip. If you have the budget to have a private guide with you for the whole trip (we had a large group and could share the costs), do go ahead with asking Marcel to be your guide. Without him, we would not have experienced half of the things we did . Through Marcel’s language skills, knowledge of the Latinamerican culture (and its constant changes) and the connections he has established throughout his many years running tours, we were able to see, meet and experience parts that would simply have been inaccessible to us had we decided to explore the country by ourselves"

For specific travels in the Andes with yoga, coaching, vision quest and/or meditation we work also with specialised teachers. These travels are published in a Newsletter that is coming up soon. We are working on this database and template. In case you are interested you can already Contact us and let us know you wish to be on the Newsletter and what your interests are. When the Newsletter project is completed this will all go directly via the website.

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