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Booking procedure

The procedure for designing a tailor made travel program is as follows: you send us in short your travel wishes and we will have an interview online with a series of questions in order to arrive to a first working draft of your possible itinerary. We do this whether you wish to create a fully customized travel program or are merely wanting to make some small adjustments to one of our sample travel itineraries.

Booking procedure

Once we have developed your ideal travel program and itinerary (after working through a few proposals and designs with you) and both parties agree to proceed with the quoting, we will provide a detailed quotation of the costs associated with your preferred travel program (see also: Quotations).

This section concerns the booking of an individual- or group tailor made travel.

As soon as the quotation is confirmed, we enter into a travel agreement for your tailor made program and you will need to arrange your flight, if you have not already done so. As soon as you can confirm your flight details with Latinamerica Journeys Guru you will be required to provide and confirm your first payment for services and provide all passport and contact details necessary to book. When the the first payment is confirmed to be on the way we will arrange all your booking details with our local agent(s).

As soon as this (first) payment is confirmed we will send you a notification confirming receipt and we will begin finalizing the reservations with our local agent(s). We will send you a information sheet with all contact & background information regarding your destination. Later on you will receive a detailed itinery with a detailed address list for all local contacts & accomodations on your travel itinerary with some route descriptions in case of a selfdrive programme and/or further detailed information on the organisation for making your holiday a great success..
For Cuba we always offer one or more briefings online 4-8 weeks before arrival. For the other destinations we can set this up as well with the local operators after reception of the detailed itinery in case necessary and requested.

In some instances hotels or various excursions will require being placed on a waiting list for final confirmation. In those instances we will keep you informed regarding the status of those reservations. In the event a particular accommodation or service is unavailable, we will contact you and provide you with an alternative proposals. When all accommodations, transfers & excursions are confirmed we will send you an update of the address list and travel program, in case there have been any changes.

Your confirmation of a travel itinerary and quotation constitutes the entry into a travel agreement. Requesting we proceed with your booking also constitutes your agreement to our General Conditions of the Travel Agreement with Latinamerica Journeys Guru.

Click here to Read the Conditions of the Travel Agreement

Note that:

It is your responsibility to arrange your international flight to your initial destination and that you are present at least several hours before the scheduled initiation of your Latinamerica Journeys Guru program. See further for each specific travel in your quotation and detailed itinery what is included and what is not.

For booking it is obligatory that you have a good travel insurance policy that covers outdoors activities, medical costs, repatriating care and cancellation coverage in case you have to cancel your travel.