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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For direct assistance with your questions and concerns, feel free to Contact us.

*The issues that most travelers have questions about are so far 7 main issues:

  1. Inca Trail availability, please check with us directly on the actual booking situation and availabilities.
  2. Cuban climate, hurricane risk & the best time to go, see link below.
  3. All issues related to the Cuban currency CUP (pesos convertibles), obtaining cash, ATM - cash dispensers & accepted credit - debit cards, changing rates EUR - USD, which currency to take etc etc
    (Contact us for this directly as the situation on Cuba can be changing every month!).
  4. Cuba visa - touristcard application in general and for US citizens & directions of Cuban consulates for travelers from Asia, see link below.
  5. Safety traveling through Colombia, Peru, Brazil and all our other Latin American destinations (Contact us for this directly).
  6. How good are the roads on Cuba, how good can you find the way and how safe is it for a selfdrive program?
    (Answers are all positive & clients are positive, with traditional map reading and perfect working free navigation apps on smartphones nobody got lost since 2005, Contact us for this directly).
    See alll our trip reviews. Quote from a client: “Go for self-drive as it gives you so much freedom. Don’t listen to other agents who advise against”
  7. How it all works with homestays on Cuba, do they have airco, private bathroom and a laundry service?
    (Yes the homestays we work with they all have! Contact us for this directly).

Cuba´s Climate, Seasons, Travel advisory, Hurricane risk & Hurricane tracker >
Click: Cuba Climate & Weather (and click through to all other links)

Information about travels, destinations & prices can change within a very short notice in Latin America. For this reason we would like to make clear that no claim or any rights can be made on basis of the information provided on this website, when it concerns general information or the character, prices and travel itinerary of a travel program (see: disclaimer page).Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador & Galapagos, Mexico & Guatamala, Peru, Panama, Venezuela