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We do our very best to inform you as good as possible on our website, in the info sheets and manuals of local providers.


Information about travels, destinations & prices can change within a very short notice in Latin America. For this reason we would like to make clear that no claim or any rights can be made on basis of the information provided on this website, in info sheets or manuals, when it concerns for instance the character, prices and travel itinerary of a travel program.

With a a booking you receive the specific details of your travel from us and our local provider(s) with the final travel documentation. Latinamerica Journeys Guru commits herself to organize your travel according to these provided details.

This website, info sheets and manuals may contain links to sites of third parties, with the hope that you can find useful information for your travel on these sites. As we do not operate these sites Latinamerica Journeys Guru is not responsible for the content of the linked sites, neither for the content of links within these sites.