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Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

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To the individual & grouptravelers we supply a detailed itinery, in which we and our local operators give extra information on the travel itinerary & culture besides we offer an online briefing on the day to day itinery.

We always try to indicate among others how to respect and deal well with the social and cultural aspects of the country of destination, and how to take care of the environment.

Part of our service is to answer the questions a traveler has before, during or after the holiday concerning any aspect of the country or travel, as far as we can and to have a briefing by Skype / Whatsapp before departure. Individual travelers always receive a briefing on arrival in the country of destination by our agent, host and/or local operators.

What makes our Individual Travels Responsible Travels?

Besides that we offer as much as possible Responsible Travels, with nature excursions, one or more day trekkings within a travel, horseback trekkings of several days, or design complete nature travels, of which local nature organizations and local guides do profit directly, we reserve a part of our profit for supporting local families or local projects with social, ambiental or healthcare aspects. This depends on destination and income related to destination (see also for every destination).

When travelers are interested we can assist with selecting community or environmental projects along the itinery. Clients can also come forward with one or more social projects they would like to visit and see how these can be integrated in their travel plan. For each travel we have a section ‘How this holiday makes a difference’. For an example see: the Colombia section and the Andes holiday, traveling with private driver-guide through the Andes to Atacama.

All local operators are small and local owners, meaning that the income remains within the country and creates a real economic contribution to its people and country. See also: Fair Travel with Tourleader (TC). Accommodations are chosen by the client according to budget, taste and style, when they are locally owned this will have our preference, when this is not the case we will inform the client with further details so that a well balanced decision can be made.

In Cuba we support several families with children by giving clothes, medication, books, second hand luxuries, buying their handicrafts, and making donations for construction materials for housing. We’ve funded 2 families in East Cuba for housing to become established with a small house or start with constructing. We also offer and encourage travelers to stay in homestays (casas particulares) so that families can directly make an income which then gets ploughed back into Cuban society. When you visit farmers during your treks we ask participants, if possible, to donate luxury goods like ballpoint pens, soap and shampoo, and buy some coffee or leave a donation.

We have supported the initiative of a waterbirth centre in Lima and the education of Peruvian midwives in this subject. We offer authentic horseback trekkings in Argentina by which the local families have a good income and a way to sustain a traditional way of life in the mountains, etc etc..

Further we make exclusively use of the internet and email to distribute information and communicate with clients to save trees & minimise wastage associated with glossy brochures and postal communications. In office we re-use paper for printing and keep all used paper material apart to hand out to old paper collectors. recommends Latinamerica Journeys