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The procedure of designing a tailor made Travel is as follows. We first ask you a few questions (or you send us your wishes directly) in order to arrive to a first draft of an itinerary together with you. This can be in the case that you prefer a completely customized travel or in case you just want to make only some small adjustments in a sample travel itinerary. When we have found your ideal itinerary after a few proposals & travel designs, we make a quotation of the costs involved of your favorite travel.


We dedicate ourselves to offer real tailor made travels, on basis of one or several existing sample itineraries. We would like to indicate however that for designing a completely customized travel, and the making of a quotation many hours of work can be involved, not only for us but as well for the local agents involved.

If you approach us to design a complete customized travel, you have to be aware that the kind of travels and services we give and you request to us, is very different from the standardized individual trips that already have been quoted and are offered on the worldwide web.

We dedicate ourselves to realize your dream holiday, but we do that of course to be of service in a later stage, to realize your travel and a booking and welcome you as a client.

We therefore would appreciate it if you read well the following guidelines as a sign of respect to our work & commitments to deliver special services:

  • If you are not sure that you would like to make a certain travel to one of our destinations, or if you do not have checked if there are international flights available in the specific period of time you would like to travel: please get first clear what you are looking for and/or check availability of international flights, before you ask for a quotation.
  • If you are in a process of looking around for the cheapest or best offer on basis of quotations & itineraries of different operators: be aware that by requesting for a quotation you are already asking us and others for a service. Therefore we ask you to inform us correctly about the status of your search, so that we can decide if we wish to quote, to engage local agents for your quotation, and on which conditions.
  • We offer much more then just making a quotation for a holiday travel. Our services already start at the moment you send us a request with your travel wishes for a travel solution. We can give you very specific travel advices, we and our local operators give you full support & assistance, we supply a detailed itinery and up to date information on our destinations by our Manuals (for Cuba, Bolivia & Peru) and by responding to your questions. We give you a briefing on request before you depart and also at location you will recieve your briefings from the local operators depending on your program. That is all part of our services & expertise.

Thank you !

Reasons to book with Latinamerica Journey

Three good reasons to book an individual travel with Latinamerica Journeys:

1. We know the destinations we offer by heart, and give you a personal & direct travel advice.

We work and live in Latin America! Salespeople of European or North American touroperators usually do not know very well the destinations, the Latinamerican cultures and extra possibilities of the destinations they sell, while we do!

2. We are a small company and can design together with you within a few days of personal contact (by phone, Skype and mail) your ideal travel program, according to your wishes.

We design any kind of travels, from honeymoon, family adventures with young children, travels for couples, friends, group travels with your private tourguide (TC), to special projects, events & management for film locations, photo shooting & documentaries.

3. We can offer you a quotation of a tailor made travel after the travel design is confirmed, usually for Cuba & Bolivia within 2-5 working days, for Colombia, Peru, Argentina within 1-2 weeks.

We work with much personal attention, give you our direct priorities there were it is needed, and do not work with automatized travel itineraries & fixed modules as large operators & websites do. We work with reliable local agents, who have proven their merits and we have been working with for many years.